Inheritance from kuffar whilst living in a land of disbelief

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May Allah bless you. I am Muslim and according to the American laws, I was given my dead kafir mother’s property which includes a house that is now in my name and been put up for sale. My question is how much of the percentages money from selling my dead kafirs mom’s house goes to her kafir relatives? And if I am not to give them inheritance money from selling the property then what do I do with it? Are the house and money haram for me because I am Muslim and my mom kaffirah?

Shaikh Adel As-Sayed:

There is an opinion that if a Muslim lives in a Kuffar country and inherit the wealth of his parents or relatives then he can take it. You can take the house since the government gave it to you according to their laws.

Note of Zaynab El-Kateb:

I believe this opinion is because the hadith that a Muslim does not inherit a kaffir, in a Muslim land the wealth will go to the “بيت مال المسلمين” , i.e it will be the property of Muslims funding and will be spent in Muslims, but in case of kuffar land it will go to kuffar government and will be spent on kuffar.



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