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Is it permissible for me to learn the science of tajweed from a non salafi teacher whom other sisters have warned against in terms of her manhaj (methodology)? She’s very good as a teacher and wouldn’t speak to me about Deen matters. There’s no salafi teacher available to teach me.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

The Scholars say that we should not take any ilm (knowledge) from non salafis (people of innovation), neither tajweed nor Arabic language. Nothing.
Shaykh Saleh ibn Uthaymin says that if you sit with an innovator, this will lead to bad impact or bad result, like this non salafi person will think that he is something worthy. When people see Salafis sitting with the innovator, they will be confused and will think that he is a good man. If someone sits with a person of innovation he will definitely be affected.



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