Listening to a Quran Recitation or Memorizing Quran During Ramadhan

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Is listening to the Quran a good act during Ramadhan? Especially for those who aren’t fasting?

I just wondered if purely listening to the Quran during Ramadhan was a beneficial way to spend your time, and a good deed, as I know Scholars say leave memorising the Quran, just recite, so I wondered if this means you should rather recite than listen. May Allah bless you.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Actually I read a fatwa for Sheikh Ibn Al-Uthaymeen saying that memorizing Quran could be better than just reciting in Ramadhan, this is because you will be repeating the verses several times and this could lead to a better concentration and understanding. So, recitation, memorizing and listening attentively to a reciter are good acts and you will be rewarded for any of them. Sometimes you are not able to recite yourself so in this case you can listen to a recitation.
Sheikh Ibn Baz said that if you listen attentively to Quran recitation (with a present heart), you will get the reward of recitation.



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