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May Allah bless you with good, amin

When our menses finishes for the month is there any proof that states that we have to wait for a couple of hours or one day? I heard someone saying Shaykh uthaymeen said this. E.g. if one sees no blood at dhuhr can she wait until isha to make sure she has finished her menses, then take a ghusl and perform all the prayers? May Allah bless you.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

There is a difference of opinion amongst the Scholars regarding this. Some Scholars say that a woman should make ghusl shortly after she sees dryness according to a saying of Ibn Abbas may Allah be pleased with him, that a woman is not allowed to wait for ghusl when she sees purification sign, and if blood comes again, then it is menses and she waits until it finishes and makes ghusl again.

Shaikh Ibn Al-Uthaymin said that this could lead to tightness or difficulty to women which contradicts the ruling of Islam which eliminates difficulties in practicing. Accordingly if the woman knows that her menses fluctuates and the blood stops then returns after a while, in this case she waits for several hours to ensure that she is purified before making ghusl.

However if her menses is stable and once the blood stops it does not come back then she can make ghusl shortly.



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