My mahram doesn’t want to travel back to home with me

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I’m on a vacation and I arrived here with my brother. My father lives here and owns a hotel. My brother decided to stay longer and my dad was supposed to bring me back. He decided not to return and he wants me to return with my mother. I told him I will stay however long he needs but I cannot travel unless I have mahram. He said that is a loss of money of a plane ticket and the hotel room I’m staying in is a waste of money for him because he can rent it out instead of me being here. He wants me be back home with my mother and not stay in hotel room lonely while he is at work. I have job at home so I will not be lonely and my family can afford for new tickets and I don’t mind staying but my family all are pressuring me to return. They say it is haram not to obey my parents but I tell them it is haram to diss obey commandment from Allah and His Messenger. What should I do? Should I stay or due to this special circumstance of money loss and my parents angry, am I allowed to return without mahram?
May Allah bless you.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

I will tell you the answer of Shaikh Ibin Baz regarding a similar question. He was asked by a man who was working in a foreign country and he wanted his wife to come to that country to visit him. So this man asked Shaikh bin Baz “Can the brother of my wife take her to the airport and then she travels by herself by airplane and I will wait for her in the airport here, in order to save the ticket money?” Shaikh Bin baz answered this beautifully, and by the way, this is an important ruling which we need to abide by in our lives. He said that money is made to serve your religion and not to sacrifice religion to save your money. So we don’t save our money at the expense of losing our religion and giving in, and sinning for the sake of money. On the contrary we need to use our money in order to protect and save our religion. Go, travel to your wife, take her with you and escort her to where you live. So this is what you need to tell your father. Again, you need to know that if you sacrifice money for the sake of Allah — if you sacrifice the rent of this room for the sake of Allah — then definitely Allah will compensate him. Nothing will go in vain. With Allah, we don’t calculate it. We just do the right thing and avoid calculations. Allah is The Provider. So we take the provision of Allah and we take the khair from Allah by abiding to His commands and obeying Him and not the contrary. So yes, you are doing the right thing. Do not agree to what your father says, and tell him that you won’t travel except with a mahram. May Allah grant you firmness upon the truth.



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