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I knit dolls for children out of wool (yarn) which consists of no facial features. I am often asked if this is allowed or not as the doll still has limbs and a head. Please advise with regards to this type of doll.
I also make animal teddies these too have no eyes but i sometimes do marking on the teddy where the nose or mouth would be is this allowed?
Please if you could give me some clarity regarding this and statements from the ulema students of knowledge on this matter. May Allah bless you.

Umm Abdel-Malik:

The Scholars have permitted the making of girls’ dolls for children in the way the questioner is describing. These dolls should not be handled with respect (things that have no value). As for the animals, they should not be presented in their real shape but rather, they should be like the ones that Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, owned, such as the dolls (without features) and horses with wings. However, if they were made to be like the ones in real life then shaykh ibn Uthaymeen said avoiding this is more appropriate and most prudent, and Allah knows.



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