Making wudu and praying while having incontinence problems

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I pray dhuhr when there is on my 15 mins left before Asr because of my incontinence but before I complete my wudu for dhuhr I already urinate myself, are my prayers valid?

I sometimes come out of the bathroom 20 mins before the 15 mins prayer gap because I need to sit down for the pressure goes down but usually I already urinate before to complete the wudu. After that I just make wudu, pray dhuhr, wait a little and then pray Asr when its time comes. Is this correct as I have no control?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

A person who has urine or gas inconsistency should make wudu after the time of prayers enters (i.e after the time of Adhan) then he can pray the nafilah and obligatory prayers and also he can read Quran with this wudu till the time of the current prayer ends. So he prays even if there is urine coming out (he puts cotton or pads) and ignore any urine. His purification will be valid.

So the minute you make wudu when the time of prayer enters the urine coming out will not affect your wudu and will not affect your prayers.



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