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I noticed in a recent question you said you should give vaccines and have tawakkul.

I wanted to make you aware of something that is happening in the west. I live in Canada and a lot of children when they go to get vaccinated they come back brain damaged with autism.

This happened to my aunt, her son was fine, she took him to get vaccinated and he became autistic. She said it was because of the vaccine and I believe her. If you look in the website of the vaccination company here in Canada in the ingredient list they openly admit there is mercury and aluminum in the vaccine.

This is highly toxic and dangerous to give to your child and studies prove this causes brain damage. I have heard of doctors here openly admit that yes vaccines can cause brain damage.

So why should I risk that for my healthy child? If I had access to aluminum and mercury free vaccine I would give it to my child. So many kids here in Canada and America are autistic and the number is growing subhanAllah.

A lot of mothers say it happened right after they vaccinated them. A child will go in walking, talking, making eye contact. To not talking anymore, no eye contact, running into walls, having diarrhea. May Allah protect our children Ameen. Am I wrong to deny my children vaccine because of possible brain damage and is there proof for this?


The evidence is anecdotal and not proven and in fact has been debunked extensively.

A paper produced in the lancet journal in the late 90s I believe by a British doctor suggested a link between MMR vaccine and autism

When the paper was properly analysed it was shown to be extremely flawed and misleading. To such an extent the doctor who wrote it was no longer allowed to practice medicine.
Many many papers since show no link between vaccines and autism. And the fact autism symptoms appear at certain times, is coincidental as children manifest with autism symptoms during the years they are receiving vaccines.

The ingredients in the vaccine are safe and not harmful. And the doses are extremely low. I cannot comment on the ingredients of each specific vaccine but scaring people with mercury in your vaccine etc is from scare tactics of anti vaccine groups.
Water often contains trace elements of mercury.

It’s false science to say the doses of ingredients in vaccines are harmful, and the effects of giving vaccines to protect from harm far outweigh that of the side effects, including the occasional rare side effect like anaphylaxis.

Some side effects from the immune response to vaccines can occur like temperature etc, and this can manifest with being tired and ill for a few days, but these symptoms wear off.

The number of autistic diagnoses are growing due to better diagnosis not due to vaccination.

The supposed proofs people quote are not considered proofs within the field of medicine, but to lay people come across as proof. Eg mercury is toxic= fact
Mercury is in some vaccines = fact
Mercury in vaccines is going to intoxicate your body and make you ill (this is an incorrect and very generalised and simplic analogy).

I have apt of experience in research and it is a fact most lay people do not truly understand what constitutes research and what constitutes validity of a study. Many studies hilarious to doctors find their way into newspapers because some professor with an agenda to push or after fame publishes it.

Please take medical advice regarding your children from reliable doctors and not from the internet or anecdotal statements of people

Another analogy I can give to illustrate how people misinterpret what happens is as follows:

  • Fatima visits her aunt,
  • Fatima’s aunty dies
  • Fatima killed her aunty

These three statements, two are facts the third is an assumption made on those two facts and is actually not true or proven in anyway.

Same with vaccines:

“Some ingredients cause brain or other problems (in high doses).

Some vaccines contain some small doses of these ingredients.

Vaccines therefore cause severe health problems. “

There is no causal link as research has proven, to say this third statement is correct
And so called research, just points to the fact the three statements are together, not that they have any true relationship.

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People of knowledge in this kind of questions is a trusted Muslim doctor, and this question was answered by a Salafi Doctor.



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