A mother staying in bilaad al-kuffar while there is fitnah in that country

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I am a revert Muslimah and I am planning to travel to a Muslim country in order to get married and live there in shaa Allaah. However, I have a 4 year old daughter and her father and I had a lot of trials (for her custody, child support, etc) in a non-Islamic court. The judge ended up giving her custody to both of us and if I want to take her abroad, I would need his authorization. Considering that he would never give me such authorization and the fact that he became Muslim a couple of months ago, but he lives with his family and accepts what they like (i.e music, dancing, parties, pets such as dogs and rats). But, he says he teaches her Islaam when he is off work. What should I do? should I leave my daughter with him until she gets old enough to decide? or should I cancel the proposal and stay with my child living in a non-Muslim country? Jazak Allaah khayr for your answer.

Shaikh Adel As-Sayed:

If this sister finds it difficult to stay without marriage and she will put herself in fitnah by not marrying then she has to go ahead and marry and travel to her husband, and she leaves her daughter to her father – even if this father is disobedient – and nothing is upon her as the father is the one held responsible for the girl. But if there is no fitnah and she is able to stay without marriage then she stays with her and looks after her.



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