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I am learning the arabic language at home from madinah arabic books almost everyday. I can read the Quran a little now but I don’t understand every word but my mom helps me with the knowledge she has.

I have begun to memorize the Qur’ân, I have memorized in a month 11 surahs at home and I recite to my mother who understands arabic but I was told it is not good, and that I should learn from a teacher who can correct me and is good at tajweed. Unfortunately there only ahlul bid’ah in my area and I don’t take lesson from them.

Can I continue to memorize the Qur’an without tajweed? Or is it better to stop.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

You can learn how to recite with tajweed through listening to Quran recitation. You listen to the recitation of Shaikh Ali Al-Hudhaifi or to Mahmoud Al Minshawi. They recite in a clear way and you can try to imitate their recitation.
You can also find Salafi Quran teachers who teach online. Just ask Allah to facilitate this for you and it will be facilitated



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