Passing wind/urinating due to sickness while praying

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A brother has chronic sickness which causes him to pass wind very often. He makes his wudu just before his prayers. Often during prayers gas builds up in his tummy due to bending and he needs to rush to finish the prayer quickly. Many times he broke wind during prayer so he needed to renew wudu and repeat his prayers. What is the ruling for this situation?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

The Scholars say that in this case the person makes wudu for every prayer after the time of prayers enters.
For example to make wudu for dhuhr when dhuhr times enters, then while praying he ignores any wind coming out as this wind will not affect his prayers at all. This is same case as people who have “urinary incontinence” the Scholars say that a person who has this illness should put a sort of a diaper and pray even if urine drops from him. The prayers will not be affected at all.



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