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If I was to pay zakah in advance, does it suffice for a lunar year?
For example, if my zakah has become due in muharram and I pay in in advance in month of Ramadhan, will it suffice till next Muharram?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Sheikh Ibn Al-Uthaymeen says yes you can pay it in advance with the condition that the money (the wealth you will pay on) is already with you (you have it in your property). Paying zakah in advance would be preferable if it is for a reason (for example helping out a Muslim who needs money urgently).


Sheikh Adel As-Sayyed said that it is not recommended that all wealthy Muslim would pay the zakah in Ramadhan. This will leave the needy people the rest of the months without help. So better not to deliberately choose month of Ramadan for paying zakah, and instead every wealthy person would pay when the Hawl (its due time) comes. This will result in distributing the Zakah money among all months of the year. This will be more beneficial for poor Muslims in general.



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