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Lately a lot of quizzes are seen popping up which asks you what herb or flower you like then goes onto tell you about yourself, personality etc upon what you have selected, or it asks you questions, then depending on your score it chooses for you a type of personality. This seems to me as a type of palmistry/foretelling/delving into the unseen and therefore possibly Shirk. I have been warning sisters about them just in case because we are not sure what it is. Some sisters claim it is a branch of psychology. Either way, what can be said about them from the Islamic perspective? May Allah bless you

Zaynab El-Kateb:

The Scholars say that these things are from “Kahanah”. It means it pretends to tell about matters which Allah did not inform us. Allah did not make these things to characterize personality.
It is from shirk to make or invent reasons when Allah did not make them reasons. Only Allah decides and knows what impacts and forms our characters.



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