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I would like to know if I could pray at home in advance if I’m going to be outside during the prayer time. Is there any hadith which proves that is permissible to do so?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Of course not, we are not allowed to pray dhuhr before adhan of dhuhr calls, i.e. before duhr’s time enters. She has to wait till dhuhr enters then she prays it, same goes for asr prayer, and if she prays before the time of prayer enters, she has to repeat the prayer, even if it was only one minute before.

As for combining the prayers, if for example she is in dhuhr time and she has any urgent situation which is not on her hands, then in this very special case, she can combine dhuhr with asr. Also if I am out of home, for example in a car, in a bus, or in the street, and time of dhuhr is almost gone and adhan for asr is almost to call, then in this case i can make intention of combine dhuhr with asr, then I do it, but I do not pray in advance, this is not accepted, but what is accepted is to combine dhuhr with asr in dhuhr’s time, and same goes for ishaa which can be combined with maghrib at maghrib´s time if there is a valid reason to do it, i.e. it’s an exception. But this doesn’t apply to fajr prayer because it can’t be combined with any other prayer. I hope it’s clear now.



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