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I have to travel maybe during the last day of Ramadan and Allah knows best. If my plane leaves at 4:00 pm (while I’m fasting) and I am sitting in a airplane for 16 hours do I break the fast in the airplane with the maghrib time of my country? Also in a airplane there is no space for me to stand to pray so I sit while praying but which country‚Äôs prayer time do I follow? May Allah bless you.

Shaikh Waleed Boghdady:

Break your fast according to the timing of your country where you traveled from. So if Maghrib time at your country is 7 pm then you wait for 3 hours (from 4-7 pm) then eat.
Then for praying Ishaa, you estimate the time between maghrib and Ishaa in your country for example one hour and a half, then pray. As for the rest of prayers you have to make an estimation regarding their times. Yes, if you cannot stand in the plane to pray you can pray while sitting.



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