Praying tarawih and tahajjud separately in masjid

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In the mosque near my accommodation, from the 21st of Ramadan onwards, they are praying 8 rakaat of tarawih, and then tahajjud of 4 rakaat and only then 3 rakaat witr. What is the right way for me to pray?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

There is difference in Scholars’ opinion regarding this. Some say you can pray all according to the hadith stating that night prayers are two by two; Others say that the Prophet, peace be upon him, did not pray more than 8 plus 3 witr and the best way is his way.

Yet if the Imam of your Masjid prayed more than 8, then you pray behind him in order to achieve the virtue of the hadith stating that if you prayed behind an Imam till this Imam finishes and leaves then you get the reward of qiyyam for the whole night.



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