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If a man passes in between the sutrah and myself it won’t invalidate my prayer, but shouldn’t we try to stop him by force, not allowing him to cross as a hadith saying that indeed he is a Shaytan who tries to cross?
And what should we do if we are in the Makkah and Madina mosques where it’s difficult to move about there without crossing a male who is praying? May Allah reward you with goodness.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

There is a difference of Scholars’ sayings regarding the sutrah.
For example, Shaikh Al-Albani says it is obligatory, ie. wajib, but Shaikh Ibn Uthaymin says it is highly recommended ie. mustahab.
As for the part of the hadith “if a man passes between you and Sutrah try to stop him…”, Yes, this applies to a man stopping another man, but putting his hand in his way and just pushing him back slowly. No violence. A man passing does not break the prayer.
However, if a mature girl or a woman passes between the sutrah and the person praying then this breaks their prayer, i.e. it nullifies it. Still you need to try to push her back with your hand.
As for Makkah, Shaikh Ibn Baz said that it is very difficult to avoid the passing of people in the Haram, so try your best to avoid it but if you cannot avoid it, then your prayer will not be affected.



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