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Should one make niyyah (intention) for Ihraam by praying 2 rak’ats ?

When you are going to perform Hajj Tamattu , should one say that the first Ihraam is for ‘Umra ?
Is it right to go from Mina to Arafah before Fajr on the 9th of Dhul Hijjah ?


There is nothing called ‘2 rak’aat of Ihram’. The Sunnah is that the Prophet,peace be upon him, used to make Ihram after a nafilah (voluntary) prayer. Meaning, he prayed Sunnah of Duhr and then he made Ihram and Talbeeyah.

Hajj Tamattu:
You first make ihram with Umrah only, then after completing the Umrah, you break your Ihram, everything is allowed, then you make Ihram for Hajj.

Hajj Qiran:
You make Ihram with both Umrah and Hajj and you stay with your Ihram till you go down from Arafat and slaughter your nusuk then you cut from your hair to break Ihram.

The Sunnah is to go from Mina to Arafat after sunrise.
However, sometimes you do not have any option with the organizers as they insist on going after Fajr to ensure a place.


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