Raising the hands in dua al-qunut and khutbah al-jumuah

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What should we say when the imaam recites qunoot in witr prayer? Also, after the khutubah which is given before the jumuah prayer, when the imaam makes dua, shall we all say aameen whilst raising our hands? Is this Sunnah?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

As for Qunoot Al-Watr, you can say ameen if the imam is saying the duaa:

اللهم اهدنا فيمن هديت…

If the imam praises Allah than we do not say ameen, rather we remain silent. However, sometimes they say a very long duaa , which is not from Sunnah, and this way of dua is bidah. As for raising your hands, there is no daleel that it is from Sunnah.

As for dua in khutbah Al-Jumuah, no , you do not raise your hands, and you can say ameen in a very low voice.



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