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I know that you should recite the Quran with understanding. But even though I go through the meaning, I fail to connect with the meaning while I recite it. I feel very disappointed sometimes, and I end up reciting without reading the meaning; will I get any reward for just the recitation?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Yes, you will be rewarded for recitation and you will get double the reward for your struggle to recite correctly and your trying to understand what you recite.

Don’t feel down or upset because you are not able to connect with the meaning right now. In fact, be certain that if you continue trying to focus and understand, and also making dua, Allah will definitely enlighten your heart with understanding, and you will feel a difference in your ability to connect with the meaning; it will get better each day.
Allah said that He facilitated the Quran for those who really want to understand and to act upon it, but we need to keep trying until Allah opens our hearts.

So make dua, have faith that Allah will respond, make Istiadha from the shaytan before reading, and try to read the meaning of the chapter you will recite before reciting it. I ask Allah to grant you and all of us this deepened connection with the meanings.



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