Receiving Guests Who Travel Without A Mahram (guardian)

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A (Muslim) aunt on my husband’s side wants to visit us in the UK. I replied that she would always be welcome. I then realised that she would have to travel alone without mahram. She always travels alone to different countries to buy things she will resell. It is the reason why she wants to visit us in the UK (to buy things from the UK in order to resell them). My husband does not say and will not say anything to her at all regarding this matter. As his wife, am I blamable if she comes since it is enjoining munkar? Also, if she comes, can I accompany her to do some shopping? May Allah reward you with good.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

There are situations like your situation where you have no choice. Therefore, do not feel guilt for something you will not be held accountable for since it is not your responsibility. Yes, you can go shopping with her as long as there is nothing wrong with what she buys.



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