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Following on from the class about the name of Allah الهادي (Al-Hadi), I have an uncle that no one in the family likes or keeps in touch with, is it adequate for me to greet him politely if we meet or am I obligated to try to contact him? (he doesn’t live near me and I don’t have any contact details for him but could find out) all of my family are strong atheists although they accept me being Muslim

Zaynab El-Kateb:

  • Regarding disbeliever relatives:
    The mothers and fathers have a special ruling; One should always have a good relation with his parents even if they are kuffar.
  • As for other than the parents:
    Yes, you are allowed to make a relation but with the aim and intention of making dawah and trying to explain Islam to him. Being nice to them in this case might be a strong reason to accept Islam. But you do not aim for a relation of just friendship and having a nice time together.
    This is in case there is no risk to your religion by mingling with them, you will not be affected by them.



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