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If one couldn’t fast due to delivery, and was unable to fast those before next Ramadan, what is the ruling of making them up and fidya? Please can you explain? I have learnt that pregnants don’t need to make up the missed fasts, is this true and same goes for nifas period and breastfeeding mothers?

And some say that if we couldn’t fast before next Ramadan (missed one due to menstruation) we have to fast them and should give fidya too. Few say no need to give fidya fasting is enough.

Please explain and help us to get a clear definition.

Jazakallahu Hairan…

Zaynab El-Kateb:

If she had fasts from the previous Ramadan and was not able to compensate before the next Ramadan, the stronger opinion among the Scholars is that she needs to make tawbah and istighfar and just fast for the missed days after coming Ramadan finishes and there is no need for fidyah.

Shaikh Adil said regarding the first part of the question that the stronger opinion is that a pregnant and breastfeeding woman should feed a poor or needy Muslim for each day that she breaks her fast. She does not compensate fasting, rather she only feeds a needy Muslim for each fast. He said regarding the nifas that yes some Scholars have said that she needs to compensate nifas but not breastfeeding, but this saying has no proof. So if a woman has to eat during Ramadan because she is breastfeeding and it will be dangerous for her to fast, she did not break her fast because of her nifas, she broke her fast due to her breastfeeding. So even if there was no nifas, she wouldn’t have been able to fast. He said even if she has nifas, since she is breastfeeding and there is a need for her to break her fast then she is not asked to compensate. She just feeds a needy muslim for each day. The same goes for pregnancy. If fasting is dangerous for her pregnancy, if it is not good for the baby or her health, she does not compensate these days but she feeds a needy Muslim.



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