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Is the statement saying “let the month of Ramadan heal you” correct? I heard it’s shirk because only Allah can heal but the word ”heal” is used literally. Please clarify. Jazakallahu Khair.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

We say that the month of Ramadhan is a great opportunity to get closer to Allah and in this blessed month Allah facilitates for us each and every act of worship. In this month the shayatin are imprisoned and the doors of the heavens are opened which means that every way to the Paradise is facilitated, reading Quran, giving sadaqah, feeding poor people… all these ways to Paradise are facilitated in this blessed month. So we say that this month is a month of mercy, and that it’s a blessed month, therefore we make use of this blessing and this mercy to achieve the pleasure of Allah subhaanahu wa taala, to get closer to Allah and to achieve Allah’s forgiveness.
Ramadhan is only a means, so if you make use of this month in a good way, then you will get your way to Paradise, but Ramadhan itself of course does not heal.



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