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May Allah reward you all for your great services and what you have set up here. Hayak Allah.

My mother recently took salt and put it in front of the door and when I asked my mother what this was for, she said someone told her that it was done to keep shayatin away. When I asked what the proof was from the Sunnah for this “tradition” she advised that it was a religious tradition and that was it.
I know salt on the floor is normally linked to those who deal with sihr (magic) but Allah knows best. Please can you clarify this matter for me? May Allah bless you.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Shaikh Al-Fawzan replied to a similar question saying that we do not use salt and these innovated methods for protection from evil and jinn. We only use the methods which the Prophet peace be upon him guided us to it which is Quran (specially verse Al-Kursey & Al Mauzat), Azkar, Ruqya and Duaa.
The Shaikh said it is not accepted to innovate any new methods with the excuse that it was proven to be effective by practice as there is no experiments in religion issues.



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