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Is it true that the Companions used to stop the classes during ramadan in order to dedicate completely to do ibadah (worshiping Allah)?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

There is no hadith saying that the Companions used to quit classes in Ramadan to do ibadaah, and there is a fatwah of Shaikh Al-Fawzan which says that taking knowledge is the best worship. It is impossible to worship Allah without knowledge.
In addition, you will find hundreds of lessons of Shaikh ibn Baz and Shaikh ibn Uthaymeen named: Lessons of the month of Ramadan.
Sukainah, the daughter of Shaikh Al-Albani, wrote that she asked her father if the Salaf used to quit everything in Ramadan to free themselves to recite the Quran only, and he answered that there is no evidence at all regarding this, and we need to do different sorts of Ibadah giving special attention to Quran.



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