Is There a Sunnah After Constructing a New Home?

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What are the Sunnah ways to thank Allah after constructing a home and before beginning to live in it? If I don’t do a house warming function, fearing the mixing of sexes (relatives), will I be sinning? Can we slaughter an animal and distribute the meat, and can we give food to an orphanage as thanks being giving to Allah?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Constructing a home doesn’t have a specific Sunnah to follow, however, it is from Sunnah to thank Allah for His provisions. So out of thanking Allah you can make food for poor people, or give charity. No function required.

There is no relationship between slaughtering and construction of a house. We can slaughter with the intention of distributing the meat, nothing more. You can just buy the meat from a butcher.



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