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Paying zakah in advance in Ramadhan

Question: If I was to pay zakah in advance, does it suffice for a lunar year? For example, if my zakah has become due in muharram and I pay in

Giving Zakah to Sayyed family

Question: My great grandparents they claim that they belong to the Prophet’s family, peace be upon him, can our zakah be given to them since they claim to be from

Paying zakah over money which is saved for a specific reason

Question: Do we give zakah on the money kept for medical purposes or for education purpose? Zaynab El-Kateb: Scholars say any saved money if a Hijri Year passed while this

A sister giving her zakah to her brother

Question: if you are a woman and your brother is in need, can you give him your money zakah? Zaynab El-Kateb: Zakat should be given to a person who is

Zakah on a loan which was not paid back for years

Question: If a loan which we gave was not paid back for many years and the person is either not willing or not in a position to repay do we

Giving zakah to my drunk father.

Question: My father is borrowing money for installment which includes some amount of interest which will be taken by them before lending the money. After that my father used to

Giving Zakah To Your Own Father

Question: If my dad is in debt can I give gold as zakat to him? May Allah reward you and your family abundantly. Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes, you can give your

A wife has gold, who has to pay her zakah?

Question: If a girl has gold given to her by her husband and dad, shall her husband give zakah on it or shall she sell off the gold and pay

Calculating the nisaab of gold and silver

Question: When calculating zakat on money saved more than one year should the price of gold or silver be used to count the nisaab? Usually the price of gold is

Giving zakah to institutions instead to giving it directly to needy people

Question: Is it permissible to give zakah money to a school principal so as to give scholarships to poor children to attend the school? The money will go towards a