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Giving zakah to poor Muslims to buy a house

Question: A poor Muslim family with 7 children needs a house. Someone offered a little bigger plot (23 cent) at a reasonable price of 25 lakh. But they have only

Questions regarding zakat

Questions: 1. Do we pay zakat for money (loan) borrowed for investment purpose? We are repaying in irregular instalments as per capability. 2. Do we pay zakat for money lent

How to calculate the zakah

Question: When we calculate the zakat we owe on gold, do we make the calculation on the cost price of the gold or it’s selling price (the amount we would

Giving zakah to a disbeliever

Question: I live in India and have many poor non Muslims around me in destitute. Even my neighbour is a poor person. My question is can we give zakat money

Giving zakat to someone because he is going to get married

Question: Can we give our Zakaat to a person who is going to get married so that he can pay that as mahr for his Nikah? Shaikh Waleed Boghdady: Allah

Zakat to relatives who smoke

Question: Is it permissible to give your zakat to a family member who receives money from the welfare-system? The brother can only pay his rent and so on because he

Building houses for poor Muslims with my zakah

Question: I have very poor Muslims in my community who cannot afford to pay rent for their houses. May I construct houses for them from my money I have for

Adding some extra money to zakah

Question: If I am unsure how much zakah I should pay is it acceptable to pay extra just to be sure with the intention of any extra being given for

Savings in two countries, where do I pay zakah?

Question: I have savings upon which I have to pay Zakah. These savings are in two different countries. I heard that the Zakah has to be paid in the same

The nissab of the one who has only money

Question: What is the nisaab for a person that only has money?   Zaynab El-Kateb: The nissab is what is equivalent to 85 grams of gold. So if the price