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I have a doubt regarding the taraweeh prayer. It is 8+3 rakaat, is it permissible to pray 2+2+2 rakaat after isha prayer and sleep and get up to pray 2+3 rakah before suhoor?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Yes, we have the saying of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him:

صلاة الليل مثنى مثنى

“ The night prayer is done two by two”, meaning night prayer is 2 rakaat by 2 rakaat, i.e 2 then 2 then 2 ….

Salat At-Taraweeh is a name for voluntary night prayers in Ramadan and it is called taraweeh if it is prayed in congregation in a mosque, it was called taraweeh because the pious predecessors (Salaf as-salih) used to take a rest between each 2 rakaat. If we pray at our homes, then it is Qiyam Layl and you can pray it either all before you sleep or you can split it.

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, sometimes prayed 2 by 2 and also watr, then he slept and woke up before fajr and pray 2 (without another watr) only one watr per night, but if you prayed watr and slept, then you can still pray 2 by 2 rakaat if you woke before to pray fajr.



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