Does a teacher need a tazkiyyah to spread knowledge?

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What about those who can not reach the scholars or who are not able to sit under the students of knowledge (who have received tazkiyyah)? Where will they take knowledge from?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

May Allah reward you with goodness for highlighting this very important point, which is as many people says, that “anyone who has correct knowledge is not allowed to teach the knowledge he has except if he has a tazkiyyah”.

Actually this saying and putting a condition of a tazkiyyah in order to be able to teach and spread the knowledge he has will hinder the dawah. It will affect dawah negatively because not anyone is able to get a tazkiyyah from a Scholar, as it is very difficult to obtain it.

The Scholars say that it’s not necessary to have a tazkiyyah from a Scholar in order to be able to teach. If you have some knowledge and Allah gave you correct understanding for example about a book or a matter or how to pray or you know some principles in aqeedah, and you listened to the Scholars and got this understanding from the right source, then you can teach.

What about the students who are listening, how can they know that the one who is teaching them is a true salafi and that their knowledge is correct? They can do it by various ways:

  1.  Looking at the book he is teaching from and make sure that the book is of a well known salafi scholar and that the teacher is not getting notes from any deviated author/book.
  1. You then compare what he says to the Quran and Sunnah to make sure that he doesn’t teach anything except from correct sources, that he doesn’t teach weak ahadith and that he directs his students to the evidences with the explanations and understanding of the Salafi Scholars and not to his own understanding.
  1. Ask who he listens to and takes knowledge from. If he replies that he takes knowledge from the great Scholars like Shaikh Al-Fawzan, Shaikh Al-Albani, Shaikh ibn Al-Uthaymin and others then this is another good sign.
  1. Another sign is that he directs his students to the true Scholars and says to them who they are to take knowledge from and who to ask.
  1. Yet another sign is that this teacher concentrates his teachings on tawheed, he starts with tawheed and his main target is to teach the correct tawheed.

If you find all of the above mentioned points,  then we say,and we ask Allah that, this teacher is trusted to take knowledge from.



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