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My son is eight years old and I want to know what can I do to perfect his manners. Are there any books? He currently attends a local disbelievers’ school and I want to move him to an Islamic school because they are now teaching about homosexuality and such relationships. This is the new legislation in the UK. The Islamic school I want to send my son to is not salafi, they are deobandi. I cannot homeschool my son at the moment because I have to work. Please advise.

Secondly, my three daughters are memorisers of the Quran but I find that when I test them, their revision is weak and this really upsets me such that I get angry with. How can I make sure that they do revision of what they already learnt and keep up with their new lessons, at the same time?
May Allah reward you with goodness.

Umm Abdel-Malik:

She can teach him aqeedah with its explanation (following the explanation of a Salafi Scholar), and tafseer books [for a well-known Scholar], and he may also memorize the Quran.

Regarding memorizing Quran it has to be done always with tafseer, so they memorize it after they understand it. You may make a pact with them even with a minimal amount and do not overload them till the extent that they hate to memorize it, you may motivate them by giving some bonuses to the one who memorized it, also it could be helpful if you talk to them about the virtues of memorizing Quran.



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