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What are the etiquettes of a halaka?Is it from the sunnah to have an ameerah, if so what qualities should they have? We have no scholars or students of knowledge here, so what qualifications should a sister have in order to cover the subject of tawheed, Salah etc. Can we read from the books of the scholars and the study notes of the students of knowledge upon the way of the Salaf? We live in Europe and we need the circle gatherings for reminder and strengthen the muslim community. Are we allowed to write up the rules of the halaka and all sisters to agree and sign the paper and give to the masjid imam agreeing that no one will get into argument or dispute

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Yes it is very beneficial to make meetings with sisters to study meanings of the Quran and various subjects. My advice to you is that you first choose a book (usool 3 for example) and agree with each other that you will listen to its explanation from a scholar or student of knowledge, one topic for example each week, then you write your notes and share these notes and benefits when you meet together. Meaning, you don’t try to explain the book by yourself. Same with tafseer Quran, you can study tafseer of a chapter and then when you meet you discuss what you benefitted and how can you apply the verses.

As for the rules of the Halaka, we don’t say appointing an Ameera, but you can choose the sister who is more knowledgeable or who has a strong personality to control the halaka, and you agree with each other on respecting the halaka by putting some rules. You can write down what you agreed upon just as a reminder, but don’t sign it or send it to the Imam of masjid. Always remind each other to take care of your intentions and sincerity, these halakas are usually a mean by which Allah brings your hearts closer to each other and by which you can strengthen and aid each other on your path to Allah. I ask Allah to grant you beneficial knowledge and His blessings.



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