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My visa for Makkah and Madina just got approved. My father is currently in Riyadh and will join us in Makkah, in shaa Allah. Is it possible for my mother and sisters to travel without a non-mahram for the sake of Umrah? The situation is very hard and we only have a one month visa. We got it after a lot of tries. May Allah reward you with goodness for answering.

Shaikh Hassan Al-Banna:

Travelling to Umrah is not an excuse to travel without a Mahram. Her father can travel to them and take them back to Saudi Arabia.



  • Muhammadh Aashiq
    December 29, 2017, 8:04 pm  Reply

    My grandma does this so many times even after advicing her. She says since she is too old, she gathers with other ladies in the group and travels alone. The travel agent also applies for visa claiming other men as their mahram and this has become a common practice. This is also not allowed yes?

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