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There is a sister who has been given nasihah for almost a year about her doubts. After that she has publicly abandoned Islam and she has 2 Facebook accounts, one with her old islamic name with some Muslim contacts in it and another one full of magic. I have advised the people to be careful with this person because when she has been given advice she has rejected it, she has publicly rejected Islam and she supports or at least is interested in magic. Some of the brothers/sisters still insist to call her “sister” and say we cannot advise the people to be careful against her and that is against the practice of the salaf us saalih. Can a person who has publicly abandoned Islam be advised against to protect other Muslims and can she still be called “sister”? May Allah bless you.

Shaikh Waleed Boghdady:

First and foremost we need to ask a student of knowledge (i.e. someone knowledgeable who has the ability to reply and clarify the doubts she might have, and not a common Muslim) to sit with that person and to try to clarify her doubts because sometimes people leave Islam because of their doubts.

Yet, if the woman insists and she doesn’t accept the advice, then it’s necessary to warn from her because she can affect other Muslims with her ideas till they might leave Islam also.



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