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May Allah aid you all for aiding us!
I live in America and was Christian prior to being guided by Allah. I recently attended a wedding where there was wedding favors on the table as a parting gift and a wedding book was being passed around which we were all instructed to “sign our name, who attended, and to write a message.” Coming from disbelief, I have attended a lot of family weddings where party favors were placed on the table for everyone who attended and the signing of the wedding book.

  • This made me wonder. Is this correct?
  • Is this a custom of the people of disbelief or the people of believe as I don’t know it to have any Islamic ties.
  • For those who signed have they fallen into wrongdoing, if this is incorrect? And
  • How does one advise people in a setting such as this without causing a problem & feeling as if you are “strange amongst the Muslims”.

Please forgive me for the ignorance and please advise me in detail, may Allah bless you.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

No, you are not ignorant at all, you got it right. This is an imitation of disbelievers, and includes showing off. This started to appear here in Egypt also.
You are responsible for yourself not to do this, and if you did it while not knowing it is an imitation then nothing is upon you.
If you can explain in a nice way that this act is an imitation and is not a custom of Muslims then do it. We need to start with Tawheed and establishing tawheed in the heart of people before saying what is allowed and what is not allowed.



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