What Should We Focus on During Ramadan?

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What is better for me as a woman, to focus on during Ramadan? May Allah bless you.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

In Ramadan we try to have our share from every possible goodness.
First priority for us as women and wives and mothers is to attend to our duties, taking care of our homes, and if you have the intention that Allah commanded us to take of our responsibilities, then even cleaning your home will be an act of worship.
Then we try to have our time to Recite Quran, making sure to read Explanation of the verses you read, try not to read without understanding, a little reading with understanding is much better than a lot of reading without understanding.
Quran is meant to understand it and act upon it.
Then you have a share from night prayers. Try also to listen to a lecture with the intention of taking knowledge and increasing your Iman, and try to have your share from feeding Muslims during Ramadan.
Finally, ask Allah to aid you and guide you to achieve the best acts of worship in Ramadan, and do not forget the importance of supplicate to Allah.



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