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Who is Allah?

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Who is Allah?

Many people have this misconception that there are several various gods and that everyone can just choose the god he wishes to worship. This is because they did not think about Who created them, Who created this great universe with this perfection and beauty. We need to agree that this universe has a Creator, and The Creator is Only One. To be Allah (The Only One worth of worship truly) He Has to be The Only Creator, Provider, Master and Owner of the Dominion.

Allah told us about Himself by sending us Books and Prophets, all the Prophets, from Adam to Nuh (Noah), Ibrahim (Abraham), Yaqub (Jacob), Musa (Moses), Dawud (David), Sulayman (Solomon), Isa (Jesus), and Muhammad, peace be upon them all, were sent by Allah with the same Message: Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him. This is Islam which means to believe in Allah’s Oneness and surrender to Him, the true religion of all Prophets which was altered by the Jews and Christians.

Allah told us in His Books that He created us for this one noble purpose to worship Him alone and He told us why we should worship Him lovingly and why we should hope for His reward and His forgiveness and why we should fear His punishment. Allah made everything clear to us.

Allah deserves to be worshiped lovingly due to His beautiful and perfect attributes and acts. We love Allah because He is The All-Merciful, The All-Forgiving (Allah forgives all sins no matter how big the sin is if we just repented to Him), Allah is The All-Appreciative and the All-Thankful who thanks even the tiniest good act we do for His sake, Allah is The All-Loving Who loves His true believers, Allah is The Responsive Who loves to hear our supplications and prayers and answers them.

So we do love Allah, yet we glorify Him and we fear His punishment because Allah, exalted is He, is The God and The Master in the heavens and in the earth. All the creation submits to His power and His will, either people are willingly or unwillingly each and everyone of us is under His power and His will. He can do with us whatever He wills, whenever He wishes. Both believers and nonbelievers are slaves to Allah, and both are under His will.

We take caution from His punishment by obeying His commands and by going back to Him with repent in case we disobey Him by committing sins, believing in His promise to forgive whoever repents to Him.

This name Allah, is the reason for creation and commands and through it they are established and confirmed, and to it they arrive at a conclusion. The creation comes about through it, returns to it, and exists because of it.

Written by: Zaynab El-Kateb


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