Why has the Quran got sajdas?

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Why has the Quran got sajdas? I read that the sajdas are in the places in the Quran where Allah mentions that he wrecked and punished several people and supernatural creations because they were proud and arrogant. So by bowing in front of Allah after reciting every such verse, the reader of the Quran does this gesture that shows that he is not at all proud and that he considers Allah as the supreme being.
Thus the sajdas are symbolic in depicting our humbleness before Allah. Is this correct?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Yes, we can say that Sujood At-Tilawah is performed when Allah tells us about those who were proud and arrogant, and therefore, it is a reaction to these verses by showing our humbleness to Him. When making this sujood, we are showing that we accept worshiping Him and humbling ourselves to Him willingly, and that we choose to be humble worshipers and slaves to Allah. We show that we are the ones who need to make sujood to Allah, whereas Allah is The All-Rich (الغني )



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