Why Is Allah The Only One Who Deserves to Be Worshipped?

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Why Is Allah The Only One Who Deserves to Be Worshipped?

So, why is Allah The Only One Who deserves to be worshiped? Because Allah is The Only Creator and there is no Creator but Him. He is The All-Strong and Almighty and no one is stronger than Him. He is The Conqueror and everyone submits to Him. He is The King and we are slaves to Him. He provides and sustains for the entire creation and we all are in need of Him. To be Allah, He has to be The Self Sufficient (Al-Ghaniyy) as He does not need any of His creation.

قال الله تعالى: {رب السماوات و الأرض و ما بينهما فاعبده و اصطبر لعبادته، هل تعلم له سميا}

Lord of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, so worship Him (Alone) and be constant and patient in His worship. Do you know of any who is similar to Him? (of course none is similar or co-equal or comparable to Him, and He has none as partner with Him.)

Surah Maryam [19: 65]

The word “Al-Uluhiyyah” in Arabic has a beautiful meaning. It means to do acts of worship to Allah lovingly seeking His closeness and His pleasure. Worship is based on love, hope, fear, and our love to Allah should precede our hope and fear.

Allah deserves to be worshiped lovingly due to His beautiful and perfect attributes and acts. To understand this, try to ponder and think about the attributes you wish that “Allah” (The One Who controls all your affairs, The One Who will recompense you) will be described with.

Imagine you don’t yet know about Allah and you are told that you are created to worship Allah, what will you say you wish his attributes to be?

I would say I wish Allah is merciful and forgiving, otherwise I will be punished for every wrong deed I do (and who could tolerate this in reality?). I wish Allah to hear me and hear my needs and to be capable of providing for me. I wish Allah to be just and appreciative. I wish Allah to be strong and mighty in order to protect me from my enemies. I wish Allah to be of vast wisdom and knowledge.

Now all the beautiful and perfect attributes you can think of and wish to find in Allah, you will find it and much much more, even beyond what your mind can comprehend.


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