Why Muslims Submit Only to Allah?

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Why Muslims Submit Only to Allah?

As Muslims, we believe in Allah and we submit only to Him. Why? Because He is The Only One Who provides for us, Who suffices us and Who controls our lives, and we believe in His mightiness, His Power, and His Strength. This believing has a result in ourselves which is the submission only to Allah.

As the unbelievers, they will not submit except to what is materialistic and what they can see with their eyes. The Muslim believes in the unseen what is hidden, while the unbeliever needs to see with his eyes in order to believe.

For example, imagine that a person needs a job and makes an interview with the director of a company. That person will make the intention of going in time to the interview and will put all his respect in that moment, trying to be polite, paying attention in what the director says, and accepting all what he commands to him to get the job. Why does he do all this effort? To get a good salary.

He knows that the director of the company is the only one who can hire him, the only one who can benefit him. So in order to get it, he submits to each and every command the director commands him; he accepts all his orders (working as much hours as he is asked, wearing any uniform…) because as a worker, he knows that the boss has a power over him in this worldly matter. We can also see this example in the army, fearing any punishment, they submit to their superiors.

After we see those examples, we can ask ourselves, what about Allah Who is The Creator and The Only One Who provides to each and every creature in the Universe, including any boss, director, president or king?

Allah, The Most High, is The One Who provides for us, The Only One Who can benefit us, The Only One Who protect us, make us happy, reward us…, so how not to submit to Him? When we die, who will we have? If you know the Power of Allah, His Love, His Mercy… if you know how Allah cares about us, then you will submit not only with fear and hope, but also with love.

This is the beauty of Islam, you submit to The Only One Who deserves to submit to. He is The Lord, and anyone else except Allah, is a slave. So, the unbelievers submit to other slaves while the Muslims submit only to Allah, The Lord of the Universe.

The natural consequence of knowing Allah is the submission only to Him.

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